Activities at Immanuel

In addition to comfortable accommodations and fine dining, Immanuel Conference Center offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for individuals, groups and teams:

  • Ping pong (table tennis)
  • Billiards (pool)
  • Air hockey
  • Soccer fields (both small and large fields)
  • Volleyball court
  • Children’s playground
  • Space Jump (bouncy castle)
  • Fire pit (outside the Vavrova building)
  • Row boats and paddle boats for the lake

Crazy Bubbles

For the latest in sporting entertainment for corporate events, team building, sporting camps, school events, family outings … even weddings, we can also arrange use of Crazy Bubbles!

Available for indoor and outdoor use throughout the year, many different unique and crazy games can be played in these special bubbles provided by a European equipment manufacturer.  Crazy Bubbles are guaranteed to be top quality and safe.  Please watch the side video to see how fun this product can be!

Led by expert instructors from the Crazy Bubbles company, we can help you organize different games and team-building events for any number people that can last from 2 hours to an entire weekend!

You can go to the following websites for more information on this amazing product!


Skanzen – Veselý Kopec

This beautiful outdoor museum is located on the border of the Železných hor and  Žďárských vrchů, only a few kilometers from our center. The surroundings has provided an ideal place for the establishing of this outdoor museum. It really portrays how life used to be in the countryside. The original building still standing at Skansen is a preserved cottage from the landless – the poorest of the poor. The other buildings were transported from the surrounding villages. At present, the open-air museum consists of almost thirty objects. By visiting Skansen you will get good knowledge about how life and work of small farmers looked like in the 19th and the 20th centuries.


Aleš KREJČÍ is a professional magician, illusionist and also a great entertainer. Thanks to intensive training since his childhood he today belongs amongst the best of his kind in the Czech Republic.  Alex will lead you into a magical world of illusions and magic. Ales Krejci offers magic shows for every occasion from private events to public performances eg; birthdays, weddings, children’s activities, town festivals, social events, receptions, senior meetings, performances for schools and kindergartens …

Aleš is the also the founder of the project “Donate a smile”, which main goal is to brighten the lives of children in orphanages and other institutions. Through this project he puts on children’s entertainment programs that bring a beautiful smile to children’s faces. KC Immanuel works  together with Ales Krejci in the project Hand of Hope as they together minister to children from orphanages.


Outdoor pool in Chrudim

The damm Seč

Trips in the nature

  • The sandstone rock foundations Toulovcovi Maštale (picture 1 and 3)
  • Devět skál (nine rocks) is the highest peak in the Zdar Peaks (Zdarske vrchy). Devet Skal is a protected natural formation. Its name is derived from the nine rock formations spread in a circle of one kilometre. From the top of the huge rock block, which is easily accessible, there is a magnificent view of the Vysocina’s wood and of distant landscape with many surrounding villages.(picture 2)
  • The source of the river Doubrava (7 km)
  • The lake Malé Dářko (5 km)
  • The canyon valley of the river Doubravka near the village Bílek (5 km)
  • The highest peak of the Iron mountains – Vestec (668 m a.s.)
  • Water sports enthusiasts can visit the recreational lake Řeka (4 km), or the lake Velké Dářko (9 km)
  • The Church of St. John of Nepomuk on Zelená hora is one of the most original buildings in Europe, which still amazes people from all over the world to this very day. This UNESCO monument and work of the talented architect Jan Blažej Santini Aichel is a place which deserves to be visited. (22 km)


This service is provided at the conference center Immanuel by a masseuse who commutes to the campus (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) based on previous agreement.  

Various types of massages are offered and the prices range from 150 CZK / half hour ( classical massage, sports, fitness ) to  300 CZK for 60 min  of reflexology massage. This is a great opportunity to relax muscles and body.

 It is necessary to book this service in advance!

Paraffin hand wraps

This service is provided at the conference center Immanuel as long as interest has been notified in advance. 

Paraffin hand wrap is suitable for: the improvement of joint mobility of the small joints, alleviation of joint pain, softening of the skin.

The application of paraffin on your hands is a pleasant procedure and it is well tolerated. After the application of wax you will notice improved joint mobility, relief of pain of small hand joints and it leaves the skin of your hands soft and  supple.

This is a pleasant procedure that your hands deserve!


  • Indoor pool in Hlinsko
  • Squash courts and weight room at the indoor pool facility in Hlinsko
  • Winter stadion in Hlinsko
  • Outdoor sports facilities (tennis, soccer, volleyball) in Hlinsko
  • Downhill skiing in Hlinsko
  • Biketrails: Radostín –  „Pylská přehrada“  in Žďár nad S.
  • Biketrail 5127:  a 52 km long trail from Radostína to Golčova Jeníkova (the headwater of the river Doubravka), it connects with biketrail nb: 16

Castles and mansions

The museum of Karel Havlíček Borovský

in Havlíčková Borová (12 km)

Seeing things from above in an airplane!


Ropes courses in Hlinsko