Cost for mission team

Each mission outreach has its own unique aspects and those things will affect the cost for the outreach. Here are some basic things that affects the price.

  • What level of accommodations do you want? We base our price on dorm style rooms but if you desire on suite rooms there is no problem to do an upgrade. The same comes to the food. We plan the standard menu for mission teams but if you for some reason would desire an upgrade, that is of course possible.
  • How large is your group? This will affect the transportation cost. If you have a really small group, less than 8 people, then we can use one van. If you are 14 or less, we can use two vans. For larger groups we need to use a regular bus, which becomes cheaper than vans with groups larger than 25 people.
  • Will the outreach be mostly held at the conference center? This means lower transportation cost.
  • Will the outreach be mostly done by traveling to different places, like kids homes, etc? This will increase the cost for transportation significantly.
  • Are you doing a camp for a kids home? You need to help raise money for housing the kids, but you will have low cost for transportation.