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Dear Group Leader,

We are very glad that you have chosen to bring your group to our center. Below you will find important information that will help you to prepare your group for their stay at our center. There are two documents that we ask you to carefully read through. The first document has information on what is expected of you as the group leader, and the second document contains general information for the group concerning things at our center. Normally you’ll be informed of these things by the staff upon arrival but you can download it and read through it so that you are well informed prior to your arrival and can prepare any additional questions for us. That will make the check in faster and less time for you spent going through logistical issues.

We believe that you will have a great time at our center. Please remember that if there is anything you desire differently than what’s normal procedure at our center, please feel free to express your desires, and  we will try our very best to handle your requests. We might not be able to accommodate all requests but please feel comfortable in asking us.  Our desire is for you and your group to have as great a stay as possible.

With regards,

Christer Dahlberg and the ICC staff

General information for clients

This will soon be in English


Mgr. David Šourek, Director of ČCE

We visited the Conference centre Immanuel for the first time and we are willing to come back again. Nice atmosphere, good food, good drinks and friendly staff. In addition, the beautiful landscape of the Highlands. We have for a long time searched for a suitable space “in the center of the country” for holding a regular nationwide board meeting of the Diaconate of ČCE, a large non-profit Christian organization. It seems that we have found it.

Brno Gospel Choir

We chose Immanuel Conference Centre for a training camp in the fall of 2010 because of the tables of some friends who had stayed at the centre earlier. (They especially loved the food :-)). We made the right decision, because the co-operation with the centre and the stay itself were pleasant, the service was perfect and the singing practices were without problems. The singers especially enjoyed the buffet style food – everyone takes as much as they want. The centre has a beautiful surrounding – a lake, forest, fields. We recommend it!

Laura Dickinson, Educational Services International

Immanuel Conference Center has been an ideal place for our annual conference gatherings. We always feel so warmly received and taken care of when we stay here. The atmosphere is calm and clean and our participants feel refreshed and renewed throughout their stay. The staff is more than willing to help with our individual needs and requests. I would recommend this Conference Center to anyone!


What do you mean by the summer season?
July and August
Can we rent the whole center including the kitchen?
No, that isn’t possible. Our staff has to do the cooking.
Can I bring my dog with me?
You are not allowed to bring pets to the main or side building due to all the rooms having carpets. The only exception is room U9 in the dorm building with has PVC flooring. You are allowed to have pets in the Russian cabins and the small cabins.
Do you have a flip chart or a projector?
We have a projector and a flip chart. We also have tre white boards.
Is it possible to swim in the lake?
The lake is not recommended for swimming, but rather for fishing. People do though regularly swim in the lake.
Is it possible to fish in the lake?
Yes, but we don’t sell fishing permits.
Do you have WiFi?
How can I pay for my stay?
In cash or by invoice. We don’t take credit cards.

Do yo have any sports equipment that we can use? Normally we have soccer balls, volley balls and ping-pong rackets. It can happen that the group before you lost some of our equipment and it’s always best to call a few days before you arrival and double check that we truly have what you need.

Do I have to bring a towel?
If you are staying in the VIP cabins, main building or the dorm building we provide towels. If you are staying the the smaller cabins or Russian style cabins you have to bring our own towel.
Do I have to bring my own bedding?
No, we provide all bedding.
What is the minimum size group you will take in the winter season?
The minimum size group in the winter is 10 paying adults.

What time do you serve you meals?
You as a client decides the meal times.
How many people can eat in the dining hall?
84 people. During the summer season we can increase that to 90 people if needed.
I’m a vegetarian. Do you serve vegetarian food?
We do serve vegetarian food. We have several vegetarian menus so we are sure you will find something that will suit you and your group.
Do you cater to other diets also, like gluten free diet?
Yes, we try. There is also a small kitchen were you can prepare someting if we wouldn’t be able to facilitate all your needs. We can send you the planned menu a week before your arrival so you can look at what we have prepared.
Is there a restaurant at the center or do I need to order a menu from you?
We don’t have a regular restaurant where you can order of a menu. You have to pick one of our set menus and use that for your group.
Do you sell snacks?
During the summer the Vavrova cabin is opened and there you can buy snacks, ice cream, cold and hot beverages, etc. In the off season you will find a smaller selection of snacks and drinks available in the main building.

How to find us?

By train

1. option

  1. Travel to the nearest railway stop – Stružinec
  2. From there travel about 4 km by foot in direction – Trhová Kamenice

2. option (recommended)

  1. Travel to the train station – Hlinsko v Čechách
  2. From there the centre is about 10 km away

By bus:


  1. Take the bus all the way to our centre – Slavíkov, Dlouhý

Dont look for the train stop Slavíkov – it is a couple kilometers away


  1. Take the bus to one of these stops:
  2. Trhová Kamenice
  3. Údavy
  4. Dřevíkov Křižovatka

The busstops are about 400 m – 3 km away

By car

Turn left when you see the sign “Pardubický Kraj” and you will see our conference centre right away.

Turn right when you see the sign “Kraj Vysočina” and you will see our conference centre right away.


Conference center Immanuel

Youth For Christ Immanuel z.s.
Dlouhý 1
582 63 Slavíkov

Bank account (KB): 43-0930370227/0100
IČO: 22663860
DIČ: CZ22663860


Miroslava Göblová

Cell phone: +420 736 188 849


Ministry Coordinator

Kateřina Kolářová

Cell phone: +420 608 722 093


Kitchen and food service

Alena Tesařová

Cell phone: +420 733 346 237