We have a wide range of menus that we can offer for your wedding reception. You can go with a classical Czech meal or browse our selection of a 3-course meals  for something different. We can also tailor a wedding menu based on your personal desires.  Here are just two options listed to give you an idea of ​​prices:

Classic Czech wedding meal

  • Beef of bouillon with liver meatballs
  • Svíčková, bread dumplings, cranberries, whipped cream, lemon slice
  • Coffee or Tea

Non-traditional wedding meal

  • Drop scone with smoked Salmon, Dijon mustard and creme fraiche
  • Pork tenderloin garnished with capers and topped with a honey balsamic vinegar sauce
  • Fried potatoes with cherry tomatoes and rocket
  • Coffee or Tea


  • Small – 350 CZK
  • Medium – 490 CZK
  • Large – 635 CZK

Rental costs

Rent of the dining room: 1,500-3,000 CZK *
Rent of the Vávrová Chalupa: 2,500 CZK + heating cost
Standard wedding decorations: 60 CZK per person

* The price will differ based upon how many people will be staying overnight at our facility.



Aperitif: 40 CZK per person
Beer keg 30 liters (Gambrinus/Rychtář): 1,500 CZK
Beer keg 50 liters (Kozel): 2,400 CZK
Gambrinus/Rychtář: (30 litru): 1,600 CZK
Beer keg 50 liters (Gambrinus/Rychtář): 2,600 CZK
Beer keg 30 liters (Pilsner Urquell): 2,400 CZK
Beer keg 50 liters (Pilsner Urquell):  3,600 CZK
Kofita keg – Local Kofola (50 liters): 1,400 CZK
Mattoni: 20 CZK per bottle
Juice: 40 CZK/liter
Wine: from 110 to 230 CZK per bottle
Spirits: Not available *

* You can bring your own spirits, but an extra charge will be added for glasses and service.