3-course meals

If you are looking for a special culinary experience during your stay at our center, we recommend for you to take a look at our three course menu. You will be eating at beautifully decorated tables with white table cloths, and the food will be presented in a delicious way. These three course menus are available to groups who want to come in and only have one meal at our center, or for guests staying at ICC who would like to upgrade one of their meals for a special culinary experience. (As a guest you will pay only the difference between the price of your standard meal and the three course meal). Included in the price is also a bottle of mineral water and coffee or tea. You can choose between black coffee, espresso and Viennese coffee.  Additional waters will be 20 CZK per bottle. We of course also offer wine, beer and soft drinks according to our price list.

If you would prefer a different combination of courses than what we have offered, you can make your own suggestion of the menu by picking from the courses listed and combining them according to your desire. We will then price your choice of three course meal for you. For a special treat we have an amazing VIP lunch or dinner buffet, where we have chosen food from the different menus and put together our famous VIP buffet. Here you have the possibility of trying different meats and side dishes and then going back for more as you desire. We can promise you that it will be an amazing lunch or dinner that will leave you with delicious memories.  Bon appetite!