Dorm Rooms

Our main building has 9 rooms on the first floor that share separate men’s and women’s bathrooms (with individual showers) among all guests on the floor. The adjacent building is insulated and soundproofed, also has nine rooms with shared bathroom. These rooms are beautifully renovated and equipped with new furniture and beds.


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Mgr. David Šourek

Director of ČCE


We visited the Conference centre Immanuel for the first time and we are willing to come back again. Nice atmosphere, good food, good drinks and friendly staff. In addition, the beautiful landscape of the Highlands. We have for a long time searched for a suitable space “in the center of the country” for holding a regular nationwide board meeting of the Diaconate of ČCE, a large non-profit Christian organization. It seems that we have found it.

Martin Penc

Dpt. of Youth of the Apostolic Church, pastor at Kolín

I have been visiting Immanuel with various groups for 7 years. I organize meetings for different sized groups from 10-50 people to a festival with 300 participants. We like to come back to this place and we appreciate various accommodation capacities, price quotations of meals and especially the quality of the food. Our cooperation is made easier thanks to a great organization of the center and we find our even non-standard needs met. The environment of the area is suitable for young people and families with children. I also host a meeting of managers here, in so-called timber houses that are great for planning and have a friendly atmosphere.


Laura Dickinson

Educational Services International

Immanuel Conference Center has been an ideal place for our annual conference gatherings. We always feel so warmly received and taken care of when we stay here. The atmosphere is calm and clean and our participants feel refreshed and renewed throughout their stay. The staff is more than willing to help with our individual needs and requests. I would recommend this Conference Center to anyone!