Fine Dining

Food quality is one of the most important areas of our service at MCC Immanuel. We offer 5 dining plans, from a more simple - but high quality meals to an excellent multi-course menu that satisfy our guest even with the highest of dining requirements. And if desired, we can propose a custom menu. We cook very good vegetarian meals and suitable meals for guest with different diets and needs (eg lactose-free or gluten-free diet). Pre-arrival consultation needed

These diets are given out from the kitchen specifically to the individual people.
Throughout the year, our staff is trained in Czech and international cuisine.


We try to follow different directions in the development and innovations of gastronomy and this this year we have prepared menu that has a lot of variety. We know that many people are in favor of eating healthy food, so we can offer healthy innovations and our own production of kimchi, sugar-free desserts (sweetened with honey or maple syrup).