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Welcome to the Immanuel Conference Center in Dlouhý, Czech Republic!

The Immanuel Conference Center is a retreat and conference facility located on 40 acres of the most beautiful countryside in the Czech Highlands!

Our newly-renovated facility offers some of the most comfortable accommodations in the region and our professionally-staffed kitchen prepares some of the finest local and international food around!

It’s our desire at Immanuel Conference Center to provide a relaxing and peaceful environment so you can focus on more important things … and leave the details to us.  It’s simply our pleasure to serve you!

Thank you for your interest in Immanuel Conference Center and we hope to see you soon!

About Us

Immanuel Conference Center is located about 90 miles east of Prague in the community of Dlouhý-Slavíkov, a rural area nestled between the towns of Ždírec nad Doubravou and Trhová Kamenice.

Specifically designed to serve the needs of churches and non-profit organizations, it’s the perfect location for conferences, seminars, retreats and English camps – events that other groups and organizations are welcome to coordinate as well.

As a part of Youth For Christ, “a worldwide Christian movement working with young people around the globe”, Immanuel Conference Center o.s. hosts outreach camps and activities for young people in Czech Republic, often focusing on young people from children’s homes in the surrounding regions.


Hand of Hope Orphan Outreach

Hand of Hope began in 2011 as a ministry of Youth For Christ Immanuel with headquarters at the Immanuel Conference Center.  The vision of Hand of Hope is to work with kids in children’s homes to help meet some of their needs as they begin to prepare for the future.

This is being done through a developing three-phased approach: 1) hosting outreach camps at the conference center, 2) visiting these young people in their homes and, 3) helping them to learn life skills before they leave the security of the homes to begin life on their own.

Hand of Hope offers a variety of outreach camps to these young people, providing a fun and enjoyable camp setting for them along with an atmosphere of love, care and a desire for them to hear about God.

Hand of Hope also includes an amazing team of Czech volunteers that has seen outreach camp opportunities develop from 1 or 2 camps each year to more than 10 camps in a very short period of time!

Each member of the Hand of Hope volunteer team has a heart for outreach to orphans and, when combined with their grasp of the English language, makes them a valuable part of the team!


After-18 Program

The “After-18 Program” is a work program offered through Youth For Christ Immanuel to qualified orphaned teens who, upon turning 18 years old, will be required to leave the children’s home – the only home that some of them may have ever known!

Beginning life on your own can be a daunting task for any young adult, even a university graduate, but the obstacles placed before orphaned young people in Czech Republic only multiplies those tasks.  Many older teens are completely unprepared to live life outside the homes where they received supervision and care and encouragement from the home leaders.

The After-18 Program offers occupational training and assistance to some of these teens during the summer season by teaching them certain trade skills useful in the “real world” … and the teacher/student relationships developed during this time are a great opportunity to tell each of them abut God!


Who We Are:

Jana Macková

Jana Macková


I am the new company director since January 1st of 2018. My responsibilities include: running and building up the company by statute. I lead professionals and volunteers, I run finance and initiate projects that fulfill the purpose of Youth for Christ Immanuel. I want to be a person that helps all the projects slot together. I yearn for our effectivity and ongoing growth. The finances supporting our work are a combination of profit from our economic activity at the ICC, grants and donations. My desire is to be personally and also with Youth For Christ Immanuel a part of a greater story that transcends all of us. I wish to serve the people’s needs: the customer’s, colleagues’ and neighbor’s needs according to the calling of the Highest.
Miroslava Göblová

Miroslava Göblová

Office manager

Mirka Göblová works as the office manager since 2013. She is in charge of all activities dealing with clients. She cares for everything from the initial bookings to the actual customer care on site. Her motto is – „we make the impossible possible“.
Bc. Kateřina Malá

Bc. Kateřina Malá

Hand of Hope project coordinator

Coordinator of the Hand of Hope project which started in the year 2011. The same year she started as a volunteer and currently is responsible for the development of this project, communication with the Children’s Homes, planning of the yearlong camps and coordination of the volunteers. At times when the camps do not take place, she helps with the daily operations of the hotel and tries to ensure a pleasant stay for the guests.

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